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Wood screws are a diverse product. Due to their wide range of applications, they’re available in many sizes, lengths, threads, platings, points and coatings. That’s why at eFixing, we have cultivated a diverse selection to suit your construction needs.

Our range of wood screws includes XTC high-performance, multipurpose and structural wood screws. When you’re looking for reduced wood splitting, choose one of our sharp-pointed, long wood screws for a precise cut and clean finish.

Are you working with timber, MDF, softwood, hardwood or plywood? Check your wood’s thickness to see whether you require long or small wood screws. We stock the most popular varieties, including those with flat Countersunk heads, Pozi or TX star recesses. 

Choose a finish that best compliments your product: go with Zinc-plated wood screws for a more traditional look. We also offer Yellow and White Zinc-plated wood screws to give your DIY job the perfect finishing touch. 

If you’re looking for a no-fuss application process, eFixing also offers lubricated screws for wood projects. Their deep threads and sharp points perform exceptionally and will make securing your wood a delight. 

Wood screws are renowned for their ability to penetrate and secure even the toughest kinds of wood. So take your project one step further and invest in premium quality eFixing wood screws.

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Our range of wood screws includes XTC high performance, multipurpose and structural wood screws. Available with Flat Countersunk head and Pozi or TX star recess, in Zinc, Yellow or A2 stainless steel.  With a choice of sharp point or self drilling point.  Diameters from 3mm to 12mm and lengths from 10mm to 600mm