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Are you working on a building project that needs to last long-term? Whether securing a deck or installing new roofing, outdoor enterprises require specific building materials.

Outdoor builds face the brunt of the elements, and it can be tough to know which screws provide maximum protection. Luckily, eFixing’s Decking Screws will do the job right! Through sun, rain or snow, your building project will resist even the most extreme weather conditions.

Our deck screws come equipped with a green, anti-corrosion finish, which will help secure your build and prevent damage over time. 

Screws for decking not only attach boards to timber but can create frames, rails and bear weight. If you need to carry out any maintenance or repairs, timber decking screws are easy to unscrew and fix back into place. 

Choose from our selection of head types and discover the ideal timber decking screws to complement your project. Our project range includes colours such as tan, brown, grey, green, black, gold and more. We also offer decking screws in various lengths, ranging from 16mm to 45mm. 

Increase the lifespan of your build by choosing eFixing’s deep thread decking screws. With increased grip and corrosion resistance, our deck screws will provide your project with a seamless, concealed finish.  


Our decking screws feature a deep pozi recess to avoid cam out and give extended bit life. Deep thread for increased grip. Green finish with advanced corrosion resistance 1000 hrs NSS. We suggest using 5.0 diameter screws for hard wood decking.