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Window Fitting Screws

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Window screws are an essential part of fitting uPVC windows. Fixing the frame of your uPVC windows to its masonry will ensure a secure, draft-free installation: but first, you must choose the most suitable window screws for your project. 

Luckily, eFixings supplies a wide variety of uPVC window screws, ranging from self-drilling baypole screws for joining PVC windows, direct fix concrete screws and SDS drill bits. 

But don’t worry if you’re not working with uPVC frames: uPVC window fixing screws can be used with several substrates, ranging from concrete to wood. The eFixings product range is made from hardened steel, perfect for long-lasting durability. 

Using steel screws for uPVC window frames will not only make them last. They are also corrosion-resistant and highly durable, meaning your windows will look brand new for longer.

We also offer hammer fixings, so you don’t need to worry about screws. The great thing about eFixing’s selection of window screws is that some come with a countersunk head. Their flat surface will create a flush finish for your uPVC windows and give them a more uniform appearance.

With the wide variety of substrates on the market, you may not know which window-fixing screws are appropriate for your project. eFixings are happy to help: contact us if you need advice on choosing materials for your windows or doors.

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Our range of Window Fitting screws and accessories includes

  • direct fix concrete screws for fitting windows to concrete, brick, hollow block and natural stone
  • self-drilling baypole screws for joining PVC window frames
  • SDS drill bits for use in granite, concrete, masonry, tiles, wood, plastic etc.