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Hammer Fixings

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eFixings selection of Hammer Fixings will save your project valuable time and money. Eliminate the need to mark and re-position your screws: with our convenient range, you can craft an anchor that is secure and will provide long-lasting durability for any job.

The chief purpose of hammer in fixings is to attach timber or plastic to metal or solid masonry. Do they need to be removed? No worries: you can unscrew your hammer fixings without any issues.

Our eFixing products come pre-assembled, so all you need to do is place the fixing into your wall and hammer away. The top-quality nylon sleeve will expand to create a strong anchor for your building materials. 

Our hammer fixing wall plugs come in sturdy, metal or durable nylon, ideal for cost-effective, quick installation. Plus, the drive nail is supported by a strong collar to prevent damage to the thread or your building materials. 

eFixings also offers hammer screw fixings with countersunk heads for a flush finish. You can always disassemble your project with these easy-to-unscrew products, designed to be removed with a screwdriver.

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