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Drill Bits

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Drill bits are an indispensable tool for both professional builders and DIY enthusiasts who want to achieve precise drilling results

Do you need to drill through sturdy materials like concrete, brick or stone? Any SDS, HSS, Rotary Impact, Flat or Auger drill bits in your tool kit will soon come in handy: these bits are engineered to withstand high impact and rotational forces.

Luckily, eFixings offers a vast collection of SDS Drill Bits designed to fit most SDS drills on the market. Available in various shapes and sizes, you can choose the right tool for your project to ensure a safe and secure build. 

Whether you need to drill holes for electrical conduits, anchor bolts, or piping, eFixings has the SDS drill bit to complete the job efficiently. One of the benefits of using SDS drill bits is their ability to deliver maximum energy transfer from the drill to the bit. 

With eFixing’s products, you can reduce the risk of slippage and damage to the drill or the materials with these precise, quick-drilling products. Every good DIYer should think about the long-term: SDS drill bits have a longer lifespan than traditional bits, meaning they’re a more cost-effective investment. 

Here at eFixings, we understand that durable, reliable products are a prerequisite for successful builds. That’s why we offer only the highest quality products from reputable brands and manufacturers. 

No matter if you're a skilled builder or an amateur do-it-yourself enthusiast, eFixings can guarantee to supply you with the best SDS drill bits for the task at hand.

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