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Self Drilling Screws

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eFixings' range of self drilling screws allows you to drill and fasten in one swift motion! 

Cut costs and time using self drill screws in your commercial or domestic DIY project. These screws drive straight through materials with a sharp drill bit for easy installation. Plus, they eliminate the need for extra drill bits: stay within budget with the eFixings range.

Our hardened steel products have fantastic anti-corrosion properties, meaning your interior or exterior job will hold up for future generations. Plus, if you need equipment for metal building construction, they are cost-effective and require no preparation to insert. 

They’re equally perfect for keeping mess to a minimum, as they remove the need for pre-drilling. Save money on resources by investing in self drilling metal screws that don’t need pilot holes.

Some of our eFixings products are even appropriate for steel building work. Drill through and fasten half an inch of steel with our winged drill point screws. No matter what design, shape, size or material you require, eFixings promises to deliver quality every time. 

With consistently impressive performance, enhanced durability and time-saving efficiency, our self drilling screws are a toolbox must-have.

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