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Baypole Screws

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eFixing’s self-drilling baypole screws are perfect for joining uPVC of bay window sections. With our hardened steel baypole screws, you can connect windows to frames quickly and with little hassle.

Bay pole screws are ideal for reinforcing conservatory frames and creating sturdy fixings. Are you working with a strict deadline and need your project completed ASAP? 

Self-drilling baypole screws help reduce your installation time. Their tapered shaft and continuous thread eliminate the need for a pilot hole, meaning they screw into materials without a hitch. Baypole screws can be removed by simply unscrewing them, and when you need to replace them, you can insert them back into the original hole. 

The deep Phillip recess of our eFixing bay pole screws helps minimise the appearance of the screw as it projects through the frame. Plus, they prevent the head of the screw from falling off if too much pressure is applied. 

With eFixing, you can choose between two professional finishes. Opt for a selection of Zinc & Yellow Plated baypole screws and give your windows that extra touch of magic. Or, select the traditional Zinc Plated screws that are both functional and pleasing to the eye. 

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Baypole Screws