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Pan Head Wood Screws

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eFixings supplies many high-quality wood screws, specially hardened and lubricated for ease of use. Whether you’re working with timber, hardwood, softwood or MDF, our Pan Head wood screws can provide a deep socket that will guarantee maximum security. 

Wood screws are highly diverse and characterised by their sharp, pointed tip. You can eliminate the need for pre-drilling, making your construction project quicker and easier. Plus, their deep threads create a clean cut and minimise the risk of splitting. If you want an accurate, fast drive, choose Pan Head wood screws in your build.

We offer wood screws in a range of diameters for all your construction needs: all projects are unique, so we understand the importance of variety. You may need Pan Head wood screws in a specific colour that complements your build: not to worry! eFixings supplies two options: the classic silver or yellow zinc finish. 

The deep Pozi recess of our Pan Head wood screws will provide installation stability and reduce cam-out. Plus, with increased torque capacity, eFixing’s wood screws will glide through your materials with precision and ease. 

Choose the fasteners right for your project with eFixing’s exceptional performance wood screws.

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High quality woodscrews specially hardened and lubricated for ease of use. Pan Head with deep pozi recess. Deep thread and sharp point for exceptional performance. Available in Zinc and Yellow