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Wall Plugs

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Wall plugs are an essential part of attaching anything to your walls. Typically made from either plastic, steel or nylon, wall plugs expand to grip the walls of holes you’ve drilled: this is why they’re also known as expansion plugs. 

Traditional screws won’t stay in your walls without a trusted wall plug to keep them in place. That’s why eFixings has cultivated this premium-quality, high-performance range. You can choose a wide variety of sizes, materials and colours: whatever best suits your job!

At eFixings, we don’t recommend hanging items off your walls without a collection of expansion wall plugs. Are you installing a new mirror on the concrete wall in your bathroom? What about if you want to hang cabinets into the brick walls of your kitchen?

Never fear: eFixings’ wall plugs are here to save the day. Perfect for interior and exterior use, these plugs have impressive load-bearing capabilities. Now, you can choose between self-drilling and anti-rotation locks to satisfy your project requirements.

For quick and high installation safety, choose a wall plug that works for you. Choose eFixings. 

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Nylon Expansion Plugs available in Red, Yellow and Brown.