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Drywall Screws

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Here at eFixing, we offer a plethora of plasterboard screws for coarse and fine fixing. Our drywall screws will give your project the strength it needs for years to come. We offer a variety of thread types, with reverse thread and pointed thread drywall screws available to purchase.

Are you securing your plasterboard to wooden studs? Choose from our range of coarse thread drywall screws, ideal for brittle applications like plywood. They have excellent pull-out resistance due to their high-quality clamping function. 

However, if you’re working with thick gauge metal partitions, fine-thread plasterboard screws will be most suitable. Our expansive collection boasts varying colours, from the classic Zinc Plated drywall screws to the sleek, Black Phosphate finish.

Every project is different, so we stock a variety of lengths and sizes to accommodate every buyer. eFixing drywall screws come in boxes of 1,000, with an option to choose how many boxes you need. 

When you need screws for plasterboard, eFixing has got you covered. Give your project a flush finish with our high-quality drywall and plaster board screws. Our bugle head dry wall screws are excellent for providing a clean, uniform appearance and are sure to enhance the aesthetic appeal of your plasterboard. 

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Drywall Screws FAQs

What are drywall screws?

Drywall Screws have been specially designed for dry-lining, partitioning and ceiling applications.

They are used to attach plasterboard to steel or timber stud work and ceiling joists.

They are available with either Zinc or Black Phosphate coating and have a Bugle Head which seats gently in to the plasterboard, avoids damage to the surface and gives a neat finish.

There are 3 main types of Drywall Screws all self-drill through the plasterboard and into the timber/steel beneath:-

  • Fine Thread Sharp Point for thinner steel.
  • Coarse Thread Sharp Point for timber.
  • Fine Thread Drill Point for thicker steel.

Wafer Head Drywall Screws are also available with either Sharp Point for thinner steel or Drill Point for thicker steel.

They are used to build the metal stud framework to which the plasterboard is attached.

How are drywall screws different from other screws?

Drywall Screws have special features and are different to standard screws.

They have a Phillips Cross recess, Bugle Head and Sharp Point or Drill Point.

The Phillips recess ensures a tight fit to the screw driver which helps prevent wobble.

The special Sharp Point or Drill Point allows the drywall screw to self-drill smoothly through the plasterboard and into the stud work beneath.

No pilot hole is required.

The Bugle Head helps prevent damage to the surface of the plasterboard giving a neat finish.

Can I use regular screws for drywall?

Regular screws do not have the special features of Drywall Screws and so are not suitable for dry-lining applications and could damage the plasterboard.

How far apart should I place drywall screws?

Generally Drywall Screws should be placed at 300mm centres and 200mm centres on outside angles.

For ceilings the screws should be placed at 230mm centres in the body of the plasterboard and 150mm centres at the edges.

These figures are for guidance and might vary for different systems, so always seek advice from the system supplier.

Do drywall screws require pre-drilling?

Drywall Screws do not require pre-drilling.

Can I re-use drywall screws?

It is not advisable to re-use Drywall Screws.