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eFixings is proud to present our versatile range of screws and fasteners. 

We want our customers to have easy access to all the tools they need: whether you’re looking for stainless steel wood screws, PVC window screws or even SDS Drill Bits, we’ve got everything in one convenient place. 

As with construction projects, all screws are unique: they come in many different sizes, shapes, drive types, and head types, depending on your build. At eFixings, we’re determined to meet all customer requirements, no matter your construction experience. 

Are you a budding DIYer gathering materials for your first project? eFixings is here to help. Choose how many boxes of screws and fittings you need so our high-quality fasteners can keep your build secure. 

Our screws are suitable for both domestic and commercial use. Tradespeople looking to buy in bulk can browse our selection of industrial packs, perfect for meeting your business requirements. Buy screws from top-brand suppliers and start investing in quality. 

With so many screws for sale, it can be impossible to know which type you need. Are you using timber, MDF, hardwood or softwood in your build? Browse our range of multipurpose, structural and XTC high-performance wood screws

Does your project include working with plasterboards? Don’t settle for less than eFixing’s premium drywall screws. With coarse and fine fixings, our products can provide the flush finish your build deserves. 

Perhaps you’re fitting some uPVC windows for a client and need to stock up on window fitting screws. Luckily, eFixings has everything you need. Our window screws are compatible with several substrates, ranging from wood to concrete. 

No project is too large or small for eFixings: our collection covers all the essentials and even includes drill bits and bit holders for all your project preparation needs. If you find that guidance from eFixings would help you choose the right product for your project, don’t hesitate to contact us. 

Get what you need delivered straight to your doorstep with our no-hassle UK delivery service. 

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