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Coach Bolts & Screws

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Coach screws and bolts are versatile and essential fixings for wood applications, including decking and timber construction projects. 

That’s why eFixings offers a comprehensive range of coach screw bolts that can provide secure joints for your projects. The terms coach screws and coach bolts are often used interchangeably but differ in shape and function.

Coach screws have a tapered, sharp end and can attach heavy items to wood or join two pieces: they’re excellent for carpentry, DIY projects and construction. On the other hand, coach bolts have a smooth, cylindrical shaft and are ideal for securing heavy timber to masonry or concrete surfaces.

eFixings offers coach screw bolts in various sizes and materials, including galvanised and stainless steel, to meet your needs and desires. Add the finest corrosion-resisting coach screw bolts to your toolbox for a long-lasting and reliable solution for your wood projects.

If you need supplies for decking, look no further than our coach screw bolts: they can create a strong and durable subframe that can withstand heavy loads and adverse weather conditions. 

They are also ideal for attaching deck boards to the substructure, ensuring a secure and stable deck surface that will last decades. 

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