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Collated Drywall Screws

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eFixing’s range of black collated drywall screws have the strength to get the job done. Appropriate to use with many materials, including wood, metal, and plasterboard, collated screws can penetrate batons or studding with maximum efficiency.

The black phosphate finish will protect your screws from corrosion and ensure their quality lasts over time. With a countersunk Phillips-drive bugle head, our collated screws eliminate the need for pre-drilled holes. Depress your material and minimise breakage with reliable fasteners from eFixings. Plus, their countersunk finish will sit flush with your plasterboard and deliver a cohesive end result. 

We offer self-drilling collated drywall screws for all your plasterboard needs. Compatible with most leading UK power tools, these screws can save you time, effort and preparation. Do you need to attach your plasterboard to wood? Choose our coarse thread collated drywall screws with a wider diameter and less threading. 

What if you’re attaching your plasterboard to metal? In that case, one of our fine thread drywall screws will do just fine. Their tight threads and sharp points will guarantee fast installation with maximum traction. 

Check out our selection of collated drywall screws and choose which of our high-quality fasteners is best for your project.

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Philips Bugle Head Drywall screws.  Available in Black Phosphate. Collated onto strips and boxed in 1000s.  CE Marked to EN14566