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Stainless Steel Screws

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Screws made out of stainless steel are renowned for their high durability, strength, and corrosion resistance, and eFixings screws are no different.

Ideal for indoor and outdoor use, our stainless steel screws will withstand  exterior conditions. 

With our stainless steel wood screws, you can confidently tackle woodworking projects of any scale. Their sharp, self-tapping design effortlessly bites into the wood, providing exceptional grip and preventing splitting.

Need screws that effortlessly cut through metal? Look no further than our stainless steel self-tapping screws.

Designed with precision and efficiency, these screws are engineered to create their own threads as they penetrate the metal, ensuring a tight and reliable connection.

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High quality A2 Stainless Steel, A4 Stainless Steel and Hardened Stainless Steel Screws. Our range includes wood screws, self drilling decking screws, Pozi Screws and TX Star drive